Alana Salsberg

Alana Salsberg is a mom of 3 kids and a passionate mental health advocate, working professionally in the e-mental health space in Canada and involved as a family advisory member on several committees supporting change and knowledge sharing within the Canadian mental health care system. As an experienced marketer and program engagement specialist with a focus on health promotion, Alana is also an unabashed data nerd with a strong belief in the need to constantly assess, innovate, and optimize to best support within the mental healthcare space. Alana’s involvement in Frayme’s Family Advisory Committee is driven by her experiences as a mom to a child who struggles with mental illness and as an individual who has successfully managed her own past challenges with disordered eating and depression. As part of her ongoing self-enforced mental health maintenance plan, Alana hikes regularly with her 2 badly behaved dogs in whatever wide open green space is available.