Hilary Allen

Hilary Allen has been helping her daughter navigate the mental health system for years. 

This experience has highlighted the fragmented nature of the system, the difficulty accessing treatment, gaps in knowledge about effective treatment and many other factors that face young people with mental illness.


Hilary applies her extensive background as a former federal policy and program manager to mental health initiatives, particularly in the areas of youth mental health, suicide prevention and eating disorders.  Hilary chairs Frayme’s Family Advisory, is a member of Frayme’s Knowledge Mobilization committee and has joined other national, provincial and local mental health consultative bodies.  She also leads knowledge translation initiatives, participates on research teams and meets with elected and government officials to advocate for improvements in youth mental health systems and research. Hilary’s educational background includes a Master of Public Administration from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Political Science and Law from Carleton University.