Frayme Supported Project 

Common Digital Platform Review

Focus Areas
Data integration

A common digital platform that gathers research and evaluation data on the delivery of MHSU services to youth across multiple jurisdictions does not exist. A common system is needed for consistent collection of core evaluation data, minimization of data duplication, and maximization of client engagement

  • A platform evaluation framework
  • Review and assessment of systems
  • Knowledge mobilization of findings
  • Linkage of efforts across regions for a more systematic approach to research and evaluation data collection
  • Informing the development of a system that collects pan-national data on the effectiveness of interventions delivered within ISCMs.
  • Support validation, as well the refining of interventions and the SCM as a whole
Roles and Costs 

Foundry: Project lead
Project Partners:
Frayme (communication support and end of project knowledge mobilization)
Access Open Minds (consultations and platform review)
CAMH (consultations and platform review)
Estimated cost: $11,500